The injection through tongue base cases reflex.
The injection through tongue base cases reflex.

Injection of endoscope through mouse cause vomitting reflex because the fiber pass through the base of tongue. Injection through nose doesn't pass through there, therefore, the reflex eased.

Patient can talk dureing the endoscopy.

Watch the size of the scopes. The upper one is newly-developed leaser-light scope and the diameter of the scope is 5.9mm. The lower scope is extremely thin harogen-light scope. The diameter of the scope is only 4.9mm( compare with the ball point pen bellow).

I use the upper one regulary but for those whose nose cavities are thin the thinner scope is preferable to avoid bleeding and pain.

Patients can talk during endoscopy and see either their stomach or scenary movie to relax.

The net examination is almost four minites and preparetion for endoscopy takes 10 minites.

The resolution of the endoscopes is very high so doctor can easily detect early stomach cancer.

The backgrand picture is night view of Perth City over Swan river.